Our vets David Aldington and Mariate Poblet have a special interest in equine fertility and reproduction and most of their time during the stud season is spent scanning mares and carrying out A.I. We offer a wide range of services from simple pregnancy scans to embryo transfer. We have a portable battery powered scanner so procedures can be carried out at your own premises if required.



We can carry out pregnancy scanning at your own premises or (to avoid any visit fee) at our Great Harwood surgery or any of the local studs we attend. Pregnancy scans cost £25 (If we carry out 5 or more scans for you in the year, the fee drops to £20 and £15 for 10 or more scans). Scan pictures can be stored and e-mailed on request.



We are approved by the British Equine Veterinary Association as a centre for AI using frozen and chilled semen. A.I. can be carried out at your own premises but because of the intensive level of veterinary input, it is preferable for you mare to kept at a centre with suitable laboratory and handling facilities. Mares can be taken in to our surgery near Great Harwood or local studs. If you would like your mare to be away from home for the minimum amount of time, it is possible to carry out initial scanning at your premises then to bring her to us when she is fully in season for the examinations and insemination to be performed. That way she should only need to be away from home for a few days.



We offer “A.I. Packages” to allow you to budget more easily for breeding from your mare. The packages include all ultrasound scans, inseminations and routine medical treatment required. If your mare is to be scanned at home, additional visit charges apply. In occasional cases, mares may require special treatment which is not included in the packages such as treatment of chronic infertility problems. Any treatments not related to breeding are charged separately. All mares should have a negative clitoral swab certificate and EVA blood test result before arrival at our surgery.

Ultrasound scanner




Semen Collection


Mare Foaling


AI Package Prices 2013


Please note that these packages are for veterinary work to include scanning (including pregnancy scanning at 14, 21 and 28 days), inseminations and any routine medical treatment required. It is important to take in to account the other costs of breeding including:

  • Stud fee for your chosen stallion
  • Semen collection fees
  • Semen processing and shipping costs
  • Livery and transport costs
  • CEM swabbing and EVA blood sampling prior to attending stud
  • Any additional veterinary treatment required while at stud














AI using Frozen Semen (per cycle)

Because the use of frozen semen requires additional veterinary input and more frequent scanning (often during the night), we charge the package per cycle. The chances of your mare conceiving at each cycle is around 50-75% depending on the semen quality and fertility of the mare. Please bear this in mind when budgeting for the use of frozen (rather than chilled or fresh) semen.






AI using Fresh or Chilled Semen (Up to 3 cycles)

This package covers up to three cycles. Most normal, healthy mares will conceive within three cycles so it is unlikely that additional costs will be incurred. We contact the semen supplier on your behalf to arrange collection and shipment of the semen at an appropriate date and time.






Mares attending our surgery for A.I procedures will be charged £15+VAT (£18) per day for livery (or £20 with a foal at foot).

We require all mares to be swabbed for CEM prior to arrival at our premises and to be accompanied by their passport. You should inform your insurance company if your mare is to be resident away from her normal stable.


please note that all frozen and chilled semen transported in the UK should be shipped with appropriate health certificates from the stud of origin. This is essential for all semen arriving in the UK from abroad to avoid diseases not currently present in this country such as EVA (Equine Viral Arteritis) from being improted in contaminated chilled or frozen semen. If semen arrives at our practice without the appropriate documentation, it will not be used to inseminate your mare and will be disposed of. Semen imported without original health certificates will be reported to DEFRA in accordance with current legislation. If you are ordering semen for your mare, please make certain that the supplier is fully aware of these requirements.


We accept older mares or mares who have failed to conceive for investigation and treatment to maximise their chances of becoming pregnant. If you are considering breeding from a mare over fifteen years (or a mare over twelve which has not previously bred a foal) or your mare has failed to conceive to repeated coverings / inseminations, please call or e-mail us. Our vets will offer advice and discuss the best course of action.


For more information on breeding from your mare, please request our information sheet on the subject by clicking here